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They were MARCHING

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They were WRITING

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You are about to view our extensive collection of postal First Day Covers. These First Day Covers are stamps celebrating African-American images from 1946 to the present that honor the contributions made to the world by women and men of African-American hertiage. This extensive collection also consist of the United States coins minted in honor of Jackie Robinson and Drs. Booker T. Washington & George Washington Carver.

Our collection has been categorized by LIFTERS, JAZZERS, MOVERS, GIVERS and GAMERS.  Explore their achievements through African-American First Day Covers and African-American coins!

Don’t worry.... JAMI-FIRST DAY COVERS aren’t just for collectors. A framed JAMI- FIRST DAY COVER can be the perfect accent to any room in your home or office as well as a perfect gift. We are always willing to take a moment with new customers to help them choose a piece that is right for their needs. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of First Day Covers, and we are always updating our stock as new pieces become available.

Don’t hesitate to visit us again and again. JAMI-FIRST DAY COVERS is a treasure waiting to be discovered!

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