" I cannot believe the manner in which Jami First Day Covers brought to life my family history; Pictures long abandonned in albums and boxes were brought to life in black and white set off in exquisite frames that made my contemporary family vividly recall important events, ceremonies, and moments that are not likely to ever be forgotten because of the way they are depicted compliments of Jami First Day Covers; These pictures, strategically placed in my gallery, not only recall family history to those of us who were there; they teach and tell a story to the next generation of family members who come after us. Thank you so much for the gift of memories. "

FP, Professor of Criminal Justice, White Plains, NY

 "Jami first Day Covers Exhibit made an impact on our students and the New Haven community at Southern Connecticut State University. With over twenty five rare framed photos, stamps, and coins, we had the opportunity to preserve history and appreciate the African American people who have contributed to America’s history. SCSU enjoyed his display so much; we are looking forward to working with you in the future.'

DB, Coordinator of Multicultural Student Activities, Southern Connecticut State University

"Thank you, on behalf of the National Association of African American Studies & Affiliates, for the outstanding Summer Olympic framed First Day Covers. All 211 participants were extremely impressed with the artistry and design."

LB, Executive Director

"My mother loves the Mahalia  Jackson framed First Day Cover. She had a chance to meet Mahalia Jackson in the 70s, which makes the beautiful piece even more special to her. Thank You."

CO, Commercial Pilot, Atlanta, GA

"I often exhibit through out the southern California area and I always include the Fredrick Douglas First Day Covers  I purchased from your collection.'

FC, Writer/Speaker, Phillips Ranch, CA

"The investment that I made into a part of  my history was not only pleasing to me because of the qaulity of the work that was presented by Jami First Day Covers, but it also sparked a conversation between my son and I about who the gentlemen of color were hanging up in my office-next to a stamp!. A great and proud conversation to have with a future leader and Alphaman"

VS, Huntsville, AL

"Jami First Day Covers service is exceptional... A great product. Thanks"

DC, Activist, Bristish Columbia, Canada

"This is a great website. I love the whole Jami First Day Covers Collection"

JW, Pearl, MS 

'I am so proud of the First Day Covers of President Obama which is a real conversation piece, proudly and prominenently displayed in my home because I agree that my home should reflect me and what my family stands for. Mine is a three generation military family, so the Tuskegee pieces we  purchased from you in Toronto are also indicative of we are and we stand for."

BC, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"I am sitting here at my desk admiring  my Harriet Tubmen First Day Cover. Again, I say Thank you."

DM, Bronx, NY

'My family has been fortunate to benefit from two military tours of duty. Our home is filled with artifacts that were purchased from the Motherland. Your First day covers are perfect addition to our collection..... You can count on us to make future purchases."

DT, Las Vegas, NV

"Excellent quality and workmanship that served as an excellent gift."

CS, Brooklyn, NY